Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management (WMC)

Managing Investment in Current Assets

Working Capital Management we are talking here. for any business as crm software or sfa software require same way working capital management is also required. Insurance Software helps insurance company to deal with it’s day to day business with help of insurance crm software, same way working capital management helps business to plan for their capital management.

Investment in Current Assets:-
Determination of appropriate level of investment in current assets is the first and foremost responsibility of working capital manager.  Although the amount of investment in any current asset ordinary varies from day-to-day, the average amount or level over a period of time can be used in determining the fluctuating and permanent investment in current assets. This distinction is of great import in devising appropriate financing strategies. We shall elaborate this point a little later.   Besides the level of investment, the types of current assets to be held are equally important decision variables. Think of the inventory of a dealer in construction equipment. The dealer must decide how many bulldozers to keep in stocks, as well as whether to stocks bulldozers or dump trucks.

From the viewpoint of the financial manager, all the decisions as to particular items add up to an average level of inventory for a given item, and these averages for all items add up to the total average inventory investment of the firm. Investment in receivables and marketable securities also pose a similar choice. The result is that there are a very large number of alternative levels of investment in each type of current asset.  

Therefore, in principle, current asset investment is a problem of evaluating a large number of mutually exclusive investment opportunities.

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