Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management (WMC)

Cash Management -1

Corporate cash management is perhaps the most critical aspect of working capital management as expressed in an old saying. The thing is finest when the need is urgent. Efficient cash management requires proper cash planning, management of receipts and disbursement and an efficient control and review mechanism. In Cash Management we intend to discuss in some details cash forecasting under uncertainty and decision-making models regarding the temporary investment of cash. We will also briefly review current practices of management of cash. Agentswebworld is nice way to handle agents website management.


The worst time to raise cash is when you need it most. The company that cannot predict and plan its short-term cash flows simply does not have a handle on reality. Smart cash managers have learned to forecast cash flows for this reason.

The cash forecast is the estimate of the flows in and out of the firm’s cash account over a particular period of time. The cash flow forecast can cover a short time period (e.g. quarter, month, week or day), an annual accounting period or operating cycle or longer period of time. Forecasts for different time spans have different uses. For example, the long-range cash projections may cover periods ranging from three to five years and is useful in planning business growth, investment in projects, and introduction of new products. We will talk more in next post.


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