Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management (WMC)



Working capital as net concept, is defined as the difference between current assets and current liabilities. Current assets being those assets that are likely to be converted into liquidity within an year’s time or so and include items like inventories of raw materials, semi-manufactured articles or work-in-process, and finished goods, accounts receivable or dues from customers, hundies or bills receivable, bank balance and cash balance, etc.


Current liabilities are in essence short-term liabilities which have to be settles in a year’s time, e.g., accounts payable or amount payable to suppliers of goods and services delivered on credit, bills payable, bank overdraft, etc. Since inventories constitute a major item of current assets, the management of inventories is crucial to successful working capital management. Working capital requirements are influences by inventory holding-the period during which raw materials remain in store, that during which processing takes place and that during which finished goods lie in the warehouse prior to sale. The level of inventory investment affects the total investment in working capital. Thus, operating ratios, such as the ratio of Turnover or sales to Working Capital are affected by it as well.


Return on investment can be reviewed as follows:

Return/Investment = (Return/Sales) X (Sales/Investment)


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