Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management (WMC)

Inventory Management-2


It is possible to identify three major movies for holding inventories.

  • The transaction motive peoples a business to maintain inventories so that there are no bottlenecks in production and/or sales. It is natural for a business to plan inventory investment commensurate with the level of transactions in the business. The business seeks to ensure that on the shop floor production does not get stalled for want of materials, etc., and sales do not suffer on account of not-availability of finished goods.
  • The precautionary motive is also at work. Inventories are held so that there is a cushion against unpredictable events. For instance, there may be a sudden and unforeseen spurt in demand for finished goods or there may occur a sudden and unforeseen slump or delay of raw materials or other components needed for production. An enterprise would surely like to have some cushion to tide over such situations.
  • Inventories may also be held so that advantage can be taken of price fluctuations. For instance, if the price of a particular raw material in expected to go up rather steeply, an enterprise may decide to hold a larger than necessary stock of this item (acquired prior to escalation).

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